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What I do (You dirty them' we clean them)

As part of my service I offer a free no obligation quotation. I will visit you at your convenience to establish your cleaning requirements, from stain removal to general cleaning. At your quotation I will give you a price for One room carpet or a set price at a lower cost for multi rooms carpets to be cleaned, As for rugs I will take take the measurements of the rug or rugs and price it accordance to size.  I will also pre-test a sample of your carpet or rug fibres - this is to ensure that I use the correct cleaning process and materials to avoid problems such as dye bleed or shrinkage. This pre-test process only requires a few strands from the very edges of your carpet, and is entirely unnoticeable.

I have experience in removing a variety of common stains, from everyday spillages such as wine, makeup and chewing gum to the more unusual stains such as blood, oil/grease and vomit. I will endeavour to remove any stain and will discuss the possible outcomes with you when providing a quotation.

For heavily soiled 'traffic areas' (most used areas) on your carpet, I will pre-treat the area with a pre -spray, helping lift the extra dirt and give an even result over the whole carpet. 

To complete my service, I will leave your carpets not just clean but also fragrant. I offer a choice of aromas, and I can even leave you with a small sample of your chosen scent for you to use as needed - ideal for those with young children and pets.

The service includes collection and delivery at no extra cost.(Pickup and return service only available on rugs up to 8ft.)